May 9

EE Day Reflection – Dance

I’m really happy with the outcome of the EE day (9/05/19) because I think I really accomplished something. We spent a lot of time in the morning talking through everything we’ve done so far, where are we up to, we also created the essay planning and which directions to take. I know that I am behind everyone else, but I will do my best to get everything that needs to be done, especially now that I have finally breakdown my idea and have finally made a question (Alvin Ailey’s influence on African Dance in America?) which I’m really excited to get started on it right away. But, first I need to read the books related to Alvin Ailey that Ms.Thomas has recommended me to read, and I also need to watch some DVD’s about all his work and about him as a choreographer and an entertainer, so that I could familiarise myself before start writing anything.

Books I need to read:

  • Alvin Ailey (A LIfE IN DANCE)
  • Moving History/ Dancing Cultures (Africa)

I am really looking forward to starting reading these books and watching the DVD’s so that I can start my writing. I have also conducted some research so I will be referring to some articles, interviews, and videos that are related to Alvin Ailey and his work, and also choosing which resources/research is useful and deciding which ones to use, which one not to use, etc.


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