May 15

Behind The Beautiful Forevers

I am so happy that I am able to be part of such a big school production, apart from AIDA I’ve never been part of another big school production. I am really looking forward to the whole experience of it all. I think one thing that I’m really looking forward to is that working with people that I’ve never had the chance to work with before. And also just looking to the whole process, in terms of “how did they come with this?”, “How did they think of that?”, etc. Because in AIDA it’s so different since it’s musical and there was a whole lot of singing, but with Behind the beautiful forever, I am very excited to just step outside my comfort zone and just get on with it.

In this play I have two characters, I am playing a young name Rahul whose 15 years old and I am also playing an Officer. I am really excited because I have never played two individual characters in a play before. I think for me, its gonna be a challenge to switch between my characters in terms of how they speak, how they walk, etc. But I am really excited, I always love a good challenge especially if I’m gonna be doing something that I love.


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