September 23

EE Reflection 2

On my second meeting with my supervisor, we went through the whole essay so that I can get clear feedback on what I need to focus on. One of the things we focused on during the meeting was the research question. The initial research question was “Alvin Ailey’s influence on the interpretation of African Dance in America in America?” but my supervisor said that it’s still very vague so we tweaked a little bit and it is now “How has Alvin Ailey’s style influence the practice and development of African dance in modern-day America?” . We talked about the structure and how it doesn’t make sense because when I was writing my essay I wasn’t focusing on the structure, I was focused more on finishing the essay, so my supervisor helped me plot a clear structure. In the initial submission, I wasn’t very clear with my sourcing, so my supervisor told me to source all my research and make it clearer.