June 17

Service – Tampines Minds Video Reflection

In this video, we talked about every we have done thus far and how has our thinking changed from the beginning until now. What was my main takeaway? What did I learn throughout the entire duration of the service? etc.

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May 15

Service – Tampines Minds

During the service meeting, we talked about all the things that need to be aware of while we are playing, interacting, dancing with special people (service partner). We all did some research on the sickness that they have or might have and tried to find ways in which we can make sure that we would know what to do and not do.

So the first session was leaning more towards preparing what we needed to prepare for when we meet our service partner in the following week. We did a good job of preparing for when we were going to meet them, I was actually really very excited. I was looking forward to it.

The reason why I chose Tampines Minds (Dance And Fitness Fun) was that I love dancing, whenever I’m dancing I just feel really happy even when I’m in a bad mood or something. I also wanted to share what I love with people who may not have many opportunities as I am, so I am very happy that chose this service because not only that I get to do what I love, I am also sharing love and happiness with some very special people.


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