January 31

Critical Challenge Project – Self Evaluation

Your Learning 

What information did you learn in preparing for the Critical Challenge project?

We had a meeting with two important members of the TIF staff, Hariyati and Erlina. They talked to us about what they do, and how they run their NGO (The Island Foundation) . They also talked to us about the villagers, especially the children.

At first, I learnt a lot about the children and most of the villagers. How they don’t speak english really well, and about what their community is like. I learnt one really important facts about their community, that they used to live on the oceans, in their boats. They are a fishing community, and they were forced to move to land decades ago, which causes them to have different religions. Some people in the community are christians, catholics, buddhism, etc.

Nowadays, they seem to be facing some problems with earning their income. The fish are getting less and less, and it really is affecting them because it is their main source of income.

Some of the skills that I developed through out the duration of the trip was managing my time wisely during a presentation. And also trying my best to being able to finish whatever task that I had to finish. After both of the two trips, I learnt more about the villagers and especially the women that my group was working with, which is the WKB. We learnt more about their life and their family by interviewing. We presented them with our ideas which they to be really appreciative of what we have presented to them.

The Critical Challenge 

In the beginning of the critical challenge project, we obviously didn’t really have a lot of information about which specific project we will be doing. But after everyone got into their groups, everyone was all willing to work. Our group really worked hard on our project and we all gave in different ideas on what to do. The goal our project was: To establish an online ordering system by which elementary school teachers could place orders for classroom use. After both of the two trips we managed to finish our website and now we only need to know about the pricing change. Everyone in the group have completely different things to do in order for our plan of action to be done.

I gave in ideas, and tried to help in anyway as possible in order for our goal to be accomplished. I help with the making of the presentations for really different meetings we had, finishing up of the action plan, implementation plan, and help a little bit with the website and our smart goal.

Through the critical challenge project I have learnt so much about myself. Some of the things is that doing presentation, preparing and finishing on time, etc. I also have learnt so much working with my group, working with the TIF staff and most importantly working with the WKB women and really getting to know them, their background, their family, and learning more about their life.

The Process

Our Goal was to: establish an online ordering system by which elementary school teachers could place orders for classroom use. After both of the two trips we managed to finish our website and now we only need to know about the pricing change. In both of our trips we did exactly what we needed to, and we gather as much information as possible in order for our pan to work. We did exactly everything that was in our action plan and implementation plan, and there was nothing wrong with anything. At the end, we managed to present all of our ideas to the elementary school teachers, Mrs Markey, Stanley(Finance Manager), the TIF staff and most importantly the WKB women(“Wanita Karya Bersama”). We also managed to finish the website for purchasing, but we just need to change prices to it’s new one. We could have more simple words in our presentation in order for the TIF staff and for the WKB women to understand more easily, But other than that, our project was successful and we managed to finish everything on time

September 20

Nature vs Nurture

I believe that nature is the genetic inheritance from your biological parents, for example, your eye colour, curly or straight hair and the pigment of your skin etc. I personally think that I have inherited some genes from my biological parents. But I also believe that not everything you have is from your nature side or biological parents, nurture also plays an important role in your life. According to the Bobo doll video, Nurture is the things/activities you see around your surroundings and that you learn from it and also the communication and the interactions you have with different people. The nature vs nurture conflict is a  conflict between two group ideologies of what you inherit from your biological parent and what you have learnt. After hearing different perspectives from different people, I believe that nature and nurture both play an important part in your life which makes up the type of person you are and what you believe in as a person. To conclude, before hearing these different perspectives I used to believe that nature is more important than nurture, but now all those different perspectives have made me change my mind and that is both nature and nurture are really important. 

September 7

The Goals of a Society

Do you believe all societies in the world, including your own, can achieve their goals? What may be some obstacles they face? Explain.

Yes, I believe that realistic goals are not impossible for societies and every individual to reach or achieve. However, if a society wants to achieve their goals it’s really gonna depend on what kind of people they are. Achieving a goal really depends on an individual’s  characteristics and behaviourism. A wise man once said that “THE SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE CAN BE POSSIBLE”. I believe that goals are not impossible to reach or achieve but if you don’t have the right mind set and the right character, then it would be near impossible for you to reach that goal. These kinds of bad behaviour can be some obstacles they would face but I believe that they can still reach their goals if they change those bad behaviours to good ones. So as in conclusion, I do think that if an individual doesn’t fully trust themselves, they would really have a hard time to think beyond or to plan ahead for what is best for them.


“If you’re in poverty, everything is about survival and having food”. – Hans Rosling