Truity Types

My personality type which I am is an INFP which is called a mediator, on the website it talks about mediators being caring and helpful to others. One aspect of the personality which I can relate to very well is the Introverted part, this is because I do see myself as introverted because when I am resting or relaxing I would much rather be alone than be with anyone else because that way I can have some time for myself. Although at first, I was surprised and skeptical about my personality type because of a statistic about my personality type gaining the second lowest amount of income, I now agree because now when I am working I enjoy helping others much more than gaining any sort of profit. And by looking at examples of people which had similar personality types, I realized that I can relate really well to the ones I know.

Tabitha GC #1, 13th November 2018

When working in Tabitha my initial goal was to learn more about why the people in Cambodia was in need of help, but soon after entering the GC there was a talk about going to Cambodia for the grade 11s which can use their project week in order to give a much more direct experience to Tabitha GC, then my goal became to be able to go to this trip and see and help the Tabitha people in Cambodia, this will prove to be very fruitful as I will learn to plan a larger scale for a trip, with a larger amount of people. Unfortunately, because of the scale and timing of the trip, I will only be able to achieve my goal on a later date. But I will be able to record the progress that the GC group including me has made.

Currently, our GC is starting to plan joint events in order to try to gain funding for the trip as it will be more expensive than others because we will be buying and building houses in Cambodia, The LOs which I have been focusing on include, LO 3 and LO 7. This activity required me to use initiative because as a group, although I was not leading the GC, I had supported in giving my opinions and ideas on things we could do when we go on the project week in Cambodia, although my ideas were not fully used I think I should show more initiative by giving different iterations on my ideas.

I have used ethics to think on the people which I am learning more about and trying to support. It is really important to do so because it is hard to understand their situation so adapting our plans on how to support them in the way they need is crucial, especially when planning out more about our project week.

PSE Reflection Unit 1 IDE

At the start of the unit, we separated the class into four groups depending on what personalities we had when in a group. I thought I identified more with the caring personality, this meant that in a group task something I would focus more into is to make sure everyone is on board with what the group is doing. The advantages of having this personality when working in a group include having a better environment as more feel comfortable, and having many other opinions and ideas, on the other hand, the disadvantage is that the process tends to become slower than usual group tasks.

Then we talked about emotional intelligence and how to improve it. I think that a good way in which I can improve emotional intelligence is by trying to understand more about others and how to judge others personalities. Grit was another topic we had observed, this was showing the value of having grit and opinions on how to improve grit. I understood that the value of grit is that in the IB grit helps with persevering and not giving up which is crucial as there are many hard tasks that are given, being a mixture of both long-term and short-term tasks which make it hard to manage and really need grit in order to keep doing it while managing other tasks both in and out of school. Self-control compliments grit as having self-control can make it easier to juggle all the different commitments that I need to attend to and not be too focused on only one commitment and then struggle later on with catching up on the rest.



Special Olympics Badminton #1, 6th September 2018

Today I just finished my first session with the Special Olympics, this was a very useful session as although we didn’t play badminton with the people with disabilities, we did investigate what they do and what we can offer in order to help out the athletes. First of all, we had a lot more understanding of how to act towards them and smaller things in order to help create a bond faster such as their interests and what they like to do. We had a brainstorm with the structure of CAS and what part of CAS we are going to do when doing the special Olympics badminton.

My own personal goals are to get better at badminton and to improve my bonds with the special people. I also want to become more aware and raise awareness in some way, however, my goals still have some risks, this includes having to go out of my comfort zone and try to talk to these special people which I don’t know too well. I think that this CAS has a high need for a lot of commitment as the time of the CAS is at 7 to 9 at night on Thursday, although the time is hard to manage I think that it is still worth doing because it is such a great experience.

The learning outcomes this activity focuses on is was mostly LO 1, LO 4, LO 5 and LO 6. This activity has helped me have better awareness because it has helped me learn more about them and learn more about how I should learn in order to know more about the people that have different abilities. I had also learned that I need to learn more about how to interact with the people that have specialized abilities, as it is hard to know what to say and what not to say. The Special Olympics Badminton had also challenged my commitment because the time which the activity is held is at a late time and the way which I stay motivated in order to keep going is by using my time which I have before the CAS to study and do everything I need to do so by the time I go home I can go rest. In this session of Special Olympics Badminton, all the students had collaborated together and tried to get to learn more about each other, one activity that we had done is that we brainstormed ideas with each other as a group of our own skills and what activities we can do with the sports players, initially it was hard to do because we didn’t feel very comfortable on sharing our own skills and we didn’t really know about each other either. We had overcome our difficulties with each other by doing some icebreakers activities with each other. Finally, this activity has a relationship with the global issues, this is because by playing and learning how to play badminton with these athletes shows equality to those who have special abilities and need some support in order to be able to play, and now that I have learned much more about the athletes I learned more about how they deserve the same or even more amount of care and support to play the sports that they would like.

Culturama Reflection #1, 25th August 2018

When auditioning for Culturama my goal was to get in and be able to dance by the end of the activity on the performance. This was a very big challenge for me because I had never danced before and I am a very inflexible person. But nevertheless, I signed up and decided to practice through the initial routine in order to try to get in. I practiced both in school and at home, I asked a friend if they could tell me what I could improve and what I am doing right and as the audition came I had learned the dance pretty well and performed what I knew, that was a great experience because I got to learn dancing which is something I never knew how to do before. Although I was very scared with the performance I had some friends perform with me which helped me boost my confidence, also because I was a new student, I didn’t feel as much pressure as I thought that the students here didn’t really know much about me so they wouldn’t pay as much attention. Although it had all worked out, in the end, there are things which I would consider unsuccessful, some parts which I practiced that I was unable to time it well when I was performing.

Now that I have finished learning the audition part of the song I would like to learn more independently, this is because I think that there were times where I was relying on others which made it hard to practice at times. When the audition results were shown, I was pleased to know that I got in on the audition as when auditioning there were quite a lot of people trying out and that caused me to be very scared as there were many people watching others dance.

What I learned about Akanksha

As I browsed though Akanksha’s page, I read a reflection of hers about her internship at International SOS. She then elaborated on her interest in the process of shipment of medical equipment by mentioning how in order for the equipment to stay sterilised it is kept in a fridge like container which maintained a temperature between 2-8 C.