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Media and its history

Media for me

When people hear the word “media” they often associate it with social media or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, and others. What people may not know is that books and movies are also forms of media. Moreover, statues are usually forms of media. Although it may not be too clear, structures built by our ancestors are usually pieces of art, used to communicate something using a structure that passes the test of time. This means that by looking at The Mona Lisa, for example, you are actually induced by an idea that Leonardo Da Vinci tried to communicate through the portrait.

Therefore, after one idea is insinuated in a person’s mind and they have a strong belief in it, they may, in a country supportive of free speech, express that idea in a different way through media. This is a cycle through history that has called for future generations to communicate human behaviour and culture, and expressed general information. We have kept this cycle going, just changing the way we express information (e.g. websites, ebooks, etc.). Media can really help us understand our past and communicate our ideas for future generations to see.

FarmVille to educate farmers

Some people believe that video games may not be productive or useful for purposes other than entertainment, but I beg to differ. FarmVille, which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest games of all time, should be used to educate farmers in the Amazon rainforest so they stop the destruction and learn the new methods of farming. If there was a Bible, Quran, Geeta or a “holy book” for farmers, it would be the game that every child expects to play when they finally turn 13 and are allowed to log in on Facebook: FarmVille. This game has not only revolutionized the “Farming” genre of gaming but has also inspired teens to learn more about farming and the exact skills that are required. NGOs in the local region should provide internet among other services to turn these farmers into gamers so they can understand the importance of safety in farming and keeping a healthy environment for a sustainable future.

The recent burning of the Amazon, along with the pollution of New Delhi being caused by farmers from Haryana burning crop remains has inspired me to come up with a modern method of combatting the lack of skills that many new farmers have. They should have more virtual experience before going out and burning fields of crops without any reason not to do so. Games like FarmVille will remind these farmers of how it is important to farm sustainably and also to allow them to make mistakes that have smaller consequences than if they were to do it in real life. Personally, I believe in the power of gaming, and know confidently that all farmers, both untrained and trained, will learn from experiencing the joys of FarmVille.

Rise up gamers and farmers.