EE Day Reflection

One thing I’ve learned….

I have learnt how to properly structure my world studies extended essay and properly connect both my subjects in a way that is not too dominated by one, as well as this I have learnt the psychological theories I need to incorporate within my essay to help enhance what I am talking about. Not only that but, I have also figured out how to write a world studies essay using the criteria we are given.

What I’m proud of…..

I am proud of how much research I have conducted today and the amount I have learnt, as well as this I am proud of the fact that I have a clear direction in which I am heading in terms of my Extended Essay.

What I’ll be doing next…..

The thing I need to start focusing on now is collating articles and analysing them to fit with the research I have conducted on written media, I must also start physically writing my Extended Essay.

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