NYAA Training Weekend 1 + Kit List – Reflection

NYAA Training Weekend 1 – Reflection

I had reached the NYAA Training prep class at exactly 4:32 pm. The large rucksack, organised and unnecessarily so, hugged off my back and I didn’t do much to adjust it. I was too jumpy, not really in an excited way but still in the way that adrenaline was pumping hard in me. I dropped my bag at a table and head over to the group of six boys and a girl. I knew them all by their names, and that worked well with me. My friend, Yeji followed soon after and we were there as a group. Eight in total. A seemingly large but nice group, but one which I didn’t think would work well. General observations taught me that most were in the last ‘core’ in PE. How were we going to get through 40km of uphill and downhill trails? I had no idea. I did, however, know that our constant communication over the last few days before the Training Weekend, had got us somewhat organised and closer as a group. This was an observation which helped us on the next day. During the first night, we discussed the route for the next day, figured how to set up a tent and cooked a decent dinner, we seemed to understand that the trip required a lot of support from one another. Though I didn’t realise this first hand until the next day.

The trek from W hotel in Sentosa, back to UWCSEA, Dover was a long trip where we all seemed to hate on each other because of the pain on our backs from all the unusual weights, and the pinch in our feet, as each step made a stop in the sensation of my feet. As a group, we were no longer connected, no longer together as some walked too far ahead while others fell too behind. There was no controlling in each others pace, as no amount of shouting could get this sorted out. In the end, we redistributed the weights. It was one out of many ways of sorting out the problem, but we didn’t realise this. When we reached UWC, we were 2 hours late from the time we were expected to arrive. This was because of the number of times we had to stop for the other members to catch up, as to not get in trouble with the staff. In the end though, the plan of stopping and waiting only slowed us down further as we continued to have elongated breaks and got nothing but slowed down. When we reached school, it was a little embarrassing but nothing we couldn’t cope with. We set up the tents once again and had a shower. This was one blissful reward. We then cooked and were told about the route we were following for the next day. We tried evaluating the day and came up with new solutions, which we applied the day after.

On the last and final day of the trek, our journey seemed longer as the pain from yesterday had not really left me. My shoes were prickling and I was mere seconds from losing it. But I decided that it was a waste of energy and tried to keep to the front of the group, as we travelled from UWC, Dover to MacRitchie Reservoir from a twisting but an interesting natural path. There was mud, and swampy ground, but instead of caring for my shoes I walked on them. They were a great reliever of pain. The group functioned so that everyone got a turn to guide the group using the compass and the map, and it was considerably better, as there was lots of communication and we were working together more often, allowing the slower ones to lead and being more motivating to the group as a whole. We soon enough reached the checkpoint and had a filling lunch before we departed for school, where the first NYAA Training Weekend came to an end.

NYAA Supplied Kit List – Reflection

We mainly carried all our things in the rucksack, including the ones supplied by the NYAA office at school. These items included, cooking items (e.g. stove, gas, lighters), tent and groundsheet, sleeping mats and its covers. During the first day, we managed to lose nothing, however, on the second day we realised that we couldn’t find the cover for our tent. This was because we set up our tent too late at night, and left the case when we were shifting our tent to the ground we were all supposed to be sleeping on. We did, however, go back to collect it as it was left amongst some of our other things like rucksacks and sleeping mats, however, we found that the cover was not there.

Since it was already past 10 at night, we decided to get it sorted tomorrow morning. This, however, was a bad idea, as I couldn’t seem to find Fiza, who looked after all the kit supplied by the NYAA office. However, I did find a teacher who helped me look for it, alongside the NYAA Gold, Dylan who worked with our group on both days. With their help, I found the cover and was allowed to leave the tent at school on time.

Grade 8 IGCSE Options Night 2018 – Explaining Enterprise

On the night of the 29th January, I was found standing amongst a group, explaining one of my taken subjects to my juniors who were to enter Grade 9 in the coming term or so. It was a long and excruciating night, packed with a lot of quick thinking, explaining and very often repeating. However, not once do I regret it as I spent an hour and a half, not tired but energised, ready and encouraged to talk about one of my really interesting subjects to my peers who would want to take it as an IGCSE subject in the coming academic year.

My job as a helper was to give basic information about the subject, Enterprise to be specific, and what the two-year course program held as I outlined the syllabus to some extent and used past papers to further elaborate on points based off exam papers and answering questions. I also suggested why Enterprise may be a good subject to take, and explained that I took it because of the coursework program, which was 50% of the IGCSE finals as it gave me an opportunity to apply my learning first hand in a real situation, which made learning more effective and acted as a simulation if I wanted to set up a business in the future or if needed for IB Business Management (since 40% of what we learn is applied in Business Management in IB).

I thought that the responses from both students and parents were mostly good as I thought that they really took in what I said about the subject. It was a good opportunity to learn more about Enterprising as well since I tried my best to explain how some of my other subjects impacted on Enterprise and vice versa. The parents, more often had questions which I really liked being asked since I probably wouldn’t have to think about it if I didn’t sign up for helping out today. It was definitely a key learning point, as I found out why I really enjoyed Enterprise and how it made an impact on me as a person.

I think that my action had benefitted many students and parents as they got an insight on the subject and understood the basic outline. I believed that as a helper, my job wasn’t necessarily to sell the idea of taking Enterprise but to guide my ‘customers’ to finding what they truly wanted, whether it be in Economics or Enterprise, since in the end, it is for the benefit of the student and parent, if they take the right subject.

Leading PSP Session

During the PSP sessions last week, a classmate and I took on the responsibility to initiate and lead class discussions on the basics of healthy relationships and what were to be expected from them. We divided the class into two groups to work separately in as we found that it would contribute to clash in opinions, and therefore create more discussion amongst our peers. When divided into two groups, we came up with a list of qualities a relationship should have to be classified as a healthy one. From the long list, we selected five which were necessary for a relationship to function well. We then came together as a group and found out the trends were going on the lines of respect and communication which we mostly agreed upon, but some disagreed and this intuited a debate in the separate groups.

Whilst taking in lead this session, I was able to not only able to give information but also was able to get different points of views on the topic through the in-depth group discussion. Before I used to believe that a good relationship consists of mutual respect, trust and communication between the two partners, not taking in consideration how something as simple as happiness played a role in shaping a relationship. Now I am more inclined to believe that happiness is too, a key to a healthy relationship as it offers the pair the genuine feeling of happiness which should generally be found in relationships. I believed that I was very open-minded to the many opinions were thrown at from the discussion, and was willing for it to shape my own opinions, as I was trying to do the same with others when debating about the role of happiness in a relationship as at first, I didn’t think this was completely necessary. The others in my group may also have had a subtle change in what they used to believe in as at times they were being very contributing to the group, trying to portray what they thought was true.

One thing that I think I did well was that I was able to start a discussion by asking questions and trying to help answer them, alongside my peers. I made sure that everyone was engaged and that they had a chance to contribute their thoughts. One thing that I thought I could have done better was to be able to engage both the groups into this conversation more as I thought many could have or had more to say. To fix this, I could have helped by coming up with a more creative setting or atmosphere such as one of a debate.

By taking on this role, I think that I was able to accomplish much as I was able to speak clearly and was being heard by others more so than I normally am, and this made me think about the impact of speaking, for yourself or for others in an environment which can generally improve. This connected with me via different topics as in most of my other classes, I am not as talkative but since the general discussion was very informative and interesting, I was able to contribute as not only a leader, but a collaborator.

Setting Goals For Term 2

Setting Goals for Term 2 Reflection

  • Academics

Coordinated Science – Aim for 7

English – Aim for 7

Enterprise – Maintain 7

Global perspectives – Maintain 7

Foreign Language Chinese – Aim for 6

Maths – Maintain 6

Drama – Maintain 6

  • Services

PAW – Contribute more to discussions and be more active.

  • Physical Recreation

Table Tennis – Be more confident in my skills.

End of Term 1 Reflection

I think that my strengths include Global Perspectives and Enterprise as evident from the attainment grades I have received from these subjects. I find these subjects interesting and enjoy working in them and I think that my general interest is shown in class (seen from the ATL reports).

I think that this term I found Foreign Language Chinese and Maths challenging because of the little effort put in or because of lack of understanding in the subject, respectively.

Some subjects I am interested in are  Global Perspectives, English, Physical Education and Chemistry (Coordinated Science 2). Not all subjects guarantee 7s, however, I have a genuine interest in these subjects because I am eager to learn and explore topics under them and also because they all offer me to work as both an individual as well as in a group and that makes these subjects more engaging.

I think that I started off the term by celebrating a 7 in Enterprise as I believed that I hadn’t fully achieved this grade because of my average test results, however, my contributions and classwork guaranteed my teacher the hard work I was willing to put into the subject to improve. This was also one of the main my proud moments I have had since the beginning of the academic year.

One challenging moment in this term was when I was doing my Chinese oral. The oral wasn’t one of my best performances because I was nervous when speaking to my teacher and found that the questions she was asking me was fast paced and required the thinking I couldn’t do in less than two seconds.

I think that most of my subjects matter to me, however, I mainly would like to focus on English, Maths and Chinese. I think that these subjects matter to me because I feel as if I have the need to improve in these subjects, attainment wise. I think that outside school and subjects, the service I do on animals, PAW matters to me as well since it is something I like to work for and support as much as I can.

I think that the subject I most enjoy this year is, Physical Education which is a surprise since I don’t normally do so well in it, however, I think that the people in my class are very friendly and good teammates so it is always a pleasure working with them. Not to mention they make the classes more fun.

Attitude Towards Learning (ATL) Report – Half Term Reflection

I think that I did a considerably well, looking at my ATL Report. In subjects like Drama, Global Perspectives and PE, I was able to consistently show my strengths and learn from my weaknesses. I think that these three were one of the best grades in the whole report and I want to continue doing what I have done such as take part in discussions, manage my work and be able to collaborate with others to continue to improve at a steady pace.

I believe that my ATL Report for the first half of the term was acceptable, however, I definitely believe that it could be improved. I think that the areas I want to develop in our Maths and Enterprise as I look through my report.

This is because maths, even if I have been assessed as ‘strong’ for both self-management and collaboration, my communication skills can, however, improve from a ‘clear’ to a ‘strong’. I believe that I can do better and try to improve this as I am often chirpy and enjoy sharing my ideas. My goal is to be able to communicate my ideas at least once every lesson. I think that by this point, I should be able to do more of this by contributing more in class discussions and being confident while answering.

I believe that Enterprise is also a class I can considerably improve in as I need to improve my communication indicator from a ‘clear’ to a ‘strong’. I believe that for Enterprise, I have definitely put in the effort and the teacher has seen this as she has awarded me with ‘strong’s in the other two indicators; self-management and collaboration. I, however, still want to improve and believe that my next steps are to structure the comments I contribute in class in a more formal and thorough way then it is at the moment.

Half-Term October Reflection

I made a fabulous start to my high school experience, this term. The term was a good start as I not only had good times, but learnt so much and faced challenges.

My favourite part of entering the term as a high school was getting more freedom compared to Middle school where we were restricted to many things however I believe High school gives us a chance to really discover ourselves as individuals and young adults. The freedom we get also determines how much beliefs the teachers put into us to show that they believe we are responsible for ourselves. Some of my favourite things about high school, include loner lunch breaks, subjects taken of choice, the way we are maturely spoken to, the trust and responsibility of teachers and my peers and especially allowing myself to experience new friendship groups.

Along with some enjoyment has also come challenges which I try to overcome even now, and believe I will continue to do so. The biggest challenge I have faced so far is being able to manage my time well enough so I am able to finish my homework, meet deadlines and generally study. Since the start of term, I noticed that most of my teachers were very open about how to record homework, and not necessarily had to be through an organiser which we were asked to use in middle school as much as we could. And because we are trusted and believed responsible enough to manage ourselves, this doesn’t leave out homework or other assignments. We have to be organised and manage time well to be able to succeed the coming four years.

My biggest surprise was that I was able to talk more openly to many. Because in middle school, I was very closed off and had only a small circle of friends, it was interesting to see that I was able to communicate with those I wouldn’t have thought I would. This I believe is because of the many different classes we have different students. I have learned that I am not only able to be a loyal, trust worthy person but a sociable and helpful one at that. I have also learnt that the UWC community is a big place and unlike years back in middle school or even junior school, I am not very sure who are in my grade and have found out what a huge community, a one like UWC can be. I am part nervous for meeting so many people in the coming years, but am as much excited to do so. I enjoy meeting others and learning about their passions and personality.

To the future grade 9s, I would like to give one, and only one advice. Be attentive and manage your time and work well. However a small and very known deal, it makes a huge difference if you follow it. If you follow through classes and are able to manage your time and be organised, you will be able to do wonders.



  • What did this mean to me?

UWC Day was a very informative and interesting day where, as UWC students we learnt so much about not only about ourselves but also the world around us, from the current events to find potentially possible solutions to resolve global issues which affect parts of the world, many of us have not had even a glimpse of as yet. We focused specifically on the Rohingya crisis currently happening in Myanmar. Since I read the news, and like to keep up with the global and social aspects of the world and its environment. Initially whilst reading an article about the Rohingya community in Myanmar, I found the details and facts very shocking as I couldn’t even imagine how they would have felt, being driven out of their homes and to most, the place they’d known as a place of before and after. It was their home, and they’d been brutally attacked by the army, injuring and even killing those who didn’t leave.

UWC Day, meant for me a time to gain knowledge through a more personal lense into the refugees lives. From the guest speaker, a UWC Services staff who used to live in a refugee camp, I got a bigger insight on the lives they led. It made me look at the numbers and facts on news articles, so that instead of scribbled down numbers, I seemed to spot faces. Completely unknown images of different people and their stories. To me it meant that I cared and that I wanted to help make a difference.

Coming from a community which regards Service, as it is ranked a high place in the school’s learner’s profile, I couldn’t have seen a better chance to learn and even suggest ideas throughout the presentation we were given by the class representatives. I expressed my views and opinions on my beliefs and occasionally made comments to those around me what I thought about the global problem.

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