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“Awareness of disabilities is just the first step”


The first thing that you can see is the title, “Aware of disabilities is just the first step” this is a very bold title it is very direct and straight to the point recognizing the different issues and the current standings. The title is also talking about how we are just getting to the first steps which add some conflict into the mix as there has always been a problem people disrespecting people with disabilities. The very first picture that you see is an awareness sign which adds a lot of meaning to the op-ed, because if someone saw that without the 2 people in the wheelchair then they would see the deeper meaning behind the sign. All the paragraphs in the op-ed are very direct with each one having a message of its own while not being too long that it gets boring. There are many quotes in the op-ed and almost all of them are opinions of people on the welfare of the people with disabilities, this was a very important aspect of the op-ed as it made the reader feel for the people with disabilities a little more as they hear from other people as well as themselves about how some people with disabilities are struggling in the world. There is a strong opinion behind the writer as she has only gone after people who are not helping the people that are unable to do things themselves, but nonetheless, there are many facts included in the form of interviews to express the emotion and opinion of the writer without it being too biased. Overall the op-ed is written in a way where the opinion of the writer is not as important as the opinion of the people in the interviews, the author has used many different methods and techniques throughout the op-ed to improve the overall message, while making sure the reader is hooked to the story all the way along.

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