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Two Stories that started in Maximum Security Prisons

Mr. Suarez came to talk to us about his experience with teaching maximum security prisoners. He talked about how it all started with his teacher wanting him to go to prison to have an experience as he was a very naughty child growing up. He was very scared before going into the prison he was expecting crime-hardened brutes but as he entered the prison classroom he saw a group of students large brutish men sitting quietly listening to a young female teacher with the utmost respect. This was when he realized what he wanted to do, he wanted to be a teacher.

His first time volunteering at a prison was in his early 20 with a group of friends with similar interests in mind. All of his friends had their own teaching ability, Mr. Suarez went to teach the inmates Science and Math. His main goal when he was there was to give the inmates an opportunity that they were never given.

As Mr. Suarez was conducting these classes in the prison, there were 2 students of his that stood out. One of them was named German, he was a well-educated man but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was brought up in a good family and has a good education, unlike another student Gaby who was a well-known criminal in the area who had an abusive dad and a dark childhood where one thing led to another and him on the street. Yet Mr. Suarez believed that everyone should have a second chance to redeem themselves. So he taught them for as long as he could and when they’re sentences were completed they all started their new lives.

After they were released Mr. Suarez got to talk to both of them and German has started a new life with a job in a garage, while Gaby on the other-hand Mr. Suarez believes that he got back into crime even though Gaby did not say so directly Mr. Suarez said he could tell something was different.

This talk really was important for people to hear because it shows that there is alwasy hope in what people see as the darkest places, you just need to find and unearth it



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