Personal Statements.

Coming to UWCSEA was an amazing experience and it really change me physically and mentally..Singapore was the first country that I have been to in terms of living my own country.Singapore was completely different from FIJI and also this diverse community was also different from the environment and the atmosphere I was brought up in.

I really like UWCSEA and I have million reason of why I like it.Firstly,I like the way that it’s not only focus on academic but also focus on the mission,individual well-being and outdoor education like  service,school trip,sports and etc and living in a diverse community.


I really learnt a lot of things about myself .My long term goal was get a job to help my parents and family at home.In the past,I really did not know more about myself but now,I found out that I am really an Independent person because I feel that I can survive without my parents or people that I trust being there for me .For example,coming to UWCSEA at a young age like 14,I really took the courage to be here and away from them because I believe you have to learn on how to survive without people close to you being there because they are not always going to be there.I think I am also a funny person because some people say that I just make their day by smiling and making them laugh which is a great thing to do because interacting with different people from different background makes our school mission firm on the ground in and outside this diverse community.For me, my strength will be interacting with other people and being a person that is courageous.


My long term aspiration is my career in the future.I want to become a marketing manager or a teacher.I chose marketing manager because I love travelling and I chose teacher because I just love to teach but overall I just want to get a job in the future in order to help my family back at home.Something that has lead to this aspiration is coming to UWCSEA.In FIJI I feel that the education system was really far behind and it still developing,so coming to UWCSEA was a big opportunity for me in achieving my dream and career.My short term goals is to see myself improve in a lot of things like in academic,sports,social life and etc and I believe all these things can all contribute in achieving my goals and dream.


I believe that I can get there in different ways.Right now,I am focusing on how I can improved my skills that can help me in life.However,my plan on achieving my dreams or career is get good grades by studying hard,doing homework,listen carefully and try to learn as many things as I can by facing challenges and trying to learn and understand different things.I am also trying my best to do well in sports because I am a sportive person and I believe that sports can also give you a 100 percent good future.


To conclude,this year was an amazing experience so far.I learned a lot of new and interesting things and I think deeper and look outside the box.After this year,I realized that I learned more about  myself and I gain confident in most of the things I do.Overall of my performance,I realized I really do step out of my comfort zone and I put everything I have to tackle something or tasks in a situation and I am really proud of myself that I tackle this year with a good outcome.


                                             THANK  YOU.


I think I will try to complete a lot of question and manage my time during the test and also learn what I am lack of in understanding and try to understand and do better next year.

Two process I remember from the exam will be  how we are not allowed to talk or look around in the exam hall and not bringing in unnecessary objects.

I would tell myself that I need to pass and study really hard because I can do this and please LORD help me.The most interesting part of the course is the algebra and angles but I am looking forward to next year.

Angles and circles is most important thing I learnt because I think I did well on it and I think I have to improved on functions and quadratics because I still need don’t understand some of it.

I think I know that if I did well on a test when I realized that I improve on question that I usually repeat mistakes on and I know that I kind of get and understand it and I will remember it in the future.

The challenge that I face was writing so fast and work on time and also understanding the question.The skills I will use will be skipping hard question and go to the easy one first and also make a lot of practice.

Softball because even though you can’t hit the ball, you can still hit it and it just take practice.






Maths class reflection.

Maths has a been a big challenge for me.From the first week I’ve been struggling along, trying to fit in the understanding of the work because most of the topic I’m learning is completely new. However, as time passed I’m going ok with it and it’s fine.

I was so pleased about how I was improving.

I want to improve more on how to do graph, solving equations and preparation before the exam because I feel I understand it but when exam came I freak out.

Improve exam result  and just to get and try to learn as much as I could .

I think I just have to ask more question.

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