Hana Mori’s Write for Rights 2019 Reflection Researching and preparing for Write for Rights allowed me to gain a better understanding of the issue we are addressing. First time leading a case study, it was challenging to manage time and the group, and I had so many learnings and personal gains from this experience. Participating in the actual event was a great reward for hard work. My biggest highlight of the event would be writing my final letter, surrounded by everyone else as I was the last person. The sense of achievement I felt holding my red and tired hand is something I will not forget. 24 hours of writing for human rights – Write for Rights really makes all the seemingly distant global issues a personal one. I think the biggest impact of the event is on those who took part. The learning from research and the sense of “taking part” during the event changed how I view the refugee crisis: from a complex crisis which controlled by the “ruling powers” of the world, to something I myself can take action and contribute to.

Ramblings of a Sleep Deprived and Coffee-filled, Writer Hands trembling. It hurt like hell, but I knew that its constant sweating and vibrating lunges were propelling a movement forward. Dancing to Father Abraham. Writing Jesus on the board, a movement for positive change in the world. Madonna blasting on the stereo. Heidi’s epic dramatic entrances. Friends up on a screen. The constant clatter of chatter coursing through the corridor. The asleep under the bean bags. Endless parades of food and snacks. Celery. Snippets of 24 hours spent for good, spent writing for the future. That endless night stood as a testament for the endless suffering of thousands and our quest to alleviate it.

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