We are finally at the end of what has been a very trying academic year! While we are all relieved and looking forward to the holidays, we made sure to take some time to reflect on the work we have done this year. Despite all the challenges we faced during the year, including the COVID-19 pandemic and meeting online, we have had an immensely productive year, and have managed to pull off two great events! We did our reflection as a video, for the modified version of the Annual General Meeting this year. You can watch it by clicking on this link here.

Although we weren’t able to accomplish our goal for this year, I think we were still able to accomplish a lot and build the foundations for more advocacy and partnership with other organisations next year. In addition, while it was hard to work and meet up during the period of remote learning, we were able to learn more about important issues close to home, such as the treatment of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. Hopefully, we will be able to continue with this goal next year and work towards improving our own knowledge on refugee issues and crises!



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