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What is Write for Rights?

Write for Rights is a 24-hour letter-writing marathon where we stay overnight at school to write letters to various governments around the world regarding current Human Rights crises. We at Voices for Refugees, Amala, and Traffick Light create case studies on different Human Rights abuses all around the world, and use those case studies to take real action against those violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Students can participate in the event at home, during breaks or during frees. During the school day, HS students will have access to the Pablo Neruda and Emily Dickinson rooms on the 2nd floor of the library during the school day, to write and submit letters.


Staff can also participate and write letters in their own time. However, teachers also have the opportunity to dedicate class time to writing letters, if they wish! HS Teachers and MS Teachers can then log the number of letters they have written on the linked spreadsheets.


Parents can also participate by writing letters at home and submitting them! Parents can submit them in one of two ways- by sending a photocopy of the letter to eastvoicesforrefugees@gapps., or ask their child to drop it off when they are at school.


This year, we have a selection of case studies from Voices for Refugees, Traffick Light, and Amala Focus Groups, as well as Daraja GC. We also have some case studies focused on women’s rights and gender equality, in accordance with International Women’s Day. Click the buttons to below to access the Padlets with all the case studies! NOTE: These padlets will open at 8am on Monday 8th March– they won’t be accessible until then.

Dropbox Locations

  • Santai (1st Floor)
  • Service Office (3rd Floor C Block)
  • Kishore Mahbubani Library (2nd floor)
  • Grade 8 Pod (5th Floor C Block)
  • Primary School car park
  • HS 3rd floor pod (D Block)
  • HS 5th floor pod (D Block)


Case Study Topics

  • Treatment of Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia
  • Women’s Rights in Poland
  • Education in Al-Azraq camp
  • Trafficking in Singapore 
  • Education of girls in Kenya 


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