Christian Outreach CAS reflection

After half term, I am getting more comfortable with our clients at the service, and starting to know more of their personalities and their preferences. I used to always limit myself to the drawing activity because it is not really active, however this term I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and engaged myself with different clients that I didn’t dare to approach before. I started playing ball games and lego with them, and from my teacher supervisor I learnt that there are certain ways that you can communicate with them in order to make your communication more effective, such as: when they do not want to share their toys with the others, tell them “you need to share”, and most of the times they will understand and do so.

This service has become an enriching experience for me and as well as for the clients. I hope that I would push myself more and really get to know them for the rest of the term. This also strongly connects to the Learning Outcome 2 as I am able to undertake challenges and develop new skills in the process.

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  1. It is good to know you are becoming more familiar with the service. What is the global significance and the key issues within your service? (LO6). This may be useful to think about for your final reflection.

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