December 2

Political cartoon – Liza Donnelly

  • In what ways do political cartoons offer multiple perspectives on the ways in which gender roles and identities are socially and politically constructed?

In some male’s perspective, when women wear a short skirt or wear red lipstick, it’s an implicit sex invitation. Some criminals will use these to defend themselves for raping, to say that somehow it’s the victim’s own fault. The society is male-dominated, therefore, the “justice” is on the male’s side, these claims become somehow valid in the society. Women, on the other side, do not have the power to restrict men. So when they want to lower their risk or getting raped, they can only do it by restricting themselves, without realizing that it’s not actually their fault.

  • How, and to what extent, can humor used to convey truth?

Truth is always too heavy, people would not like to think about it. Humor can make truth lighter, provide a common group for people to share their thinking without getting hostile or defensive. Humor also helps an idea to reach a wide range of public and mix it into everyday life.

  • Can anything be understood without an understanding of the historical or political context?

No. Probably would misunderstand or just don’t get it. So unfair. Why are most of our study material so western centered?

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