• Creativity
  • High School Yearbook Season 1 Reflection 2018 Aug – Oct

    HS yearbook is an activity in charge of each year’s yearbook, containing design, marketing, journalism, senior pages, photography, and admin, six distinct groups for different roles. Under the main purpose of creating an impressive yearbook, each of the group has their own goal which is to organize their part entirely and carefully. I was passionate about […]

  • Service
  • Yoga Tampines Season 1 Reflection 2018 Aug – Oct

    Yoga Tampines is a service programme helping people with special needs to get a chance of enjoying yoga. We are connected with the Tampines Training & Development Centre in order to help the clients there involved with a great experience of yoga. Our clients are basically suffering from Syndrome, Intellectual Disability or Autism. These diseases affect their behavior […]

  • MATH
  • Maths and Me

    Maths and Me I have been learning math since my starting year at schools. Before 9th grade, I was back in Chinese public school studying math. Then, I took IB MYP Algebra 2 in the year I came to Singapore’s international school, which was two years before, and took precalculus for IB MYP in the […]

  • What I learned

    From Akanksha’s posts, I learned how life in Grade 11 is about to be. She did several services under different organizations, joined various activities and posted passages for subjects or EE. All of the information has been written and arranged in posts and established on her site. Additionally, there are tags on the right side […]