U19 SEASAC Basketball; Final Reflection

This year, U19 Basketball has been a challenge for the entire team as the team is comprised of mostly IB students and due to the busy academic schedule, it was difficult to dedicate practice time towards the sport. However, towards the SEASAC tournament school organized weekly practice sessions and the team benefitted from this. Outside of school some of the members of the team including me got together and played around in order to strengthen our game, mentality and prepare with a tournament mindset to ensure the best results from us during practice. Upon arrival at the SEASAC tournament, the team was mentally prepared for all the conditions that would arise in the coming days. The next day, there was a practice round hosted which gave the players an insight on how the basketball court was. Due to the monsoon season arriving at UWC Dover, the court showed signs of wear and the conditions which made it difficult for the players. The first official round kicked off the next day and it was a struggle for the East players with clutch wins. However, after vigorous practice after the round, the team seemed stronger and more prepared to play the next day. Overall it was a successful SEASAC, despite us arriving at 2nd place, and next year I may hold the responsibility of being captain and my objective next year would be to prepare the team in advance of SEASAC and not just before the tournament like this year. Hopefully next year we will win the championship, and this will help me advance in my college recruitment career.

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