Service, Seaon 1: AMK Minds

Marking the beginning of my service project, working with a group ‘AMK Minds’, has been a remarkable challenge. Most importantly, it was the first time I had ever worked with people that have some form of disadvantage, and I had to adapt and learn their behaviors, mannerisms, and patterns in order to form relationships with them.

We focused on building their motor skills, which yet again proved to be a difficult challenge. We had to find the perfect balance of enjoyment and educational benefits for the clients, and at times, we found them getting, perhaps, bored with the activities. Thanks to our group leader, and our efforts to think ‘outside the box’ we developed new games and activities for them to partake in and found a great success rate. We noticed that their motor skills became more refined and meticulous. Despite initial issues, we managed to overcome difficulties and formed bonds with the clients.

In the future, we hope to incorporate activities that allow them to explore creative aspects, in order to bring a more personalized approach to our service project.


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