Service, Season 2: AMK Minds

For the second season of our service project, we introduced new clients to our Service from AMK Minds. We focused, this time, on building their creative minds, which yet again proved to be a difficult challenge. We had to find the perfect balance of enjoyment and educational benefits for the clients, and at times, we found them getting, perhaps, bored with the activities, like last time. We did arts and crafts, made stories and allowed them to express themselves, as they felt, teaching them colors, shapes at the same time. We saw great success with the clients, as the new freedom to explore their passions was more successful than the activity in Season 1, which focused on developing their motor skills.

For the second season, we decided to allow a greater base of students to come and join our service and opened our doors to students of all grades to come and join us and help the clients. This proved to be emotionally difficult, as some of the students were not accustomed to working with special needs clients. Over time, they became more used to the clients and we found that we helped build important relationships.

In the future, we hope to incorporate physical activities and games which would perhaps, create a more inclusive atmosphere.

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