Reflection 1: HL Essay

After writing the Paper 1 and receiving my numerical feedback, I thought about the two questions made by Ms Wiseman on how to improve my writing.

Question 1: How might you expand your discussion to provide further insight and avoid description?
-> To focus on a deeper layer of analysis I need to further explore what effects, consequences and implications the points I bring up have. To establish a concise and focused analysis I will include more terminology. Furthermore, I will have to focus more on the evidence provided for my arguments and to deeply explore certain phrases on a lexical as well as visual element.

Question 2: How might you use precise terminology more effectively to help unpack your text?
-> To honestly reflect on my Paper 1 practice, I have noticed that I am not as confident in literate devices as I want to be. I can mostly apply the basic devices, however, to explore non-literary texts better and in-depth I will focus on enhancing my repertoire of literary devices. I should implement them as a stable focus of my analysis strands in order to present a more concise understanding of the texts.

After receiving these questions and thinking about how I can improve my writing style, I will now be focusing on how I can implement these insights in my Essay preparation. As of now my thesis strands mostly consist out of themes, but connecting them to bigger ideas to later explore will help with the analysis structure.

For every thesis strands, I have a particular set of pages or chapters I want to discuss, so I will be engaging in a focused work on how I can connect the content of these pages to literary devices to strengthen my points and thesis strands.

Instead of spending words on describing the book, I will have to focus on my language, considering more literary devices and phrasing my evidence, in order to shape the chain of analysis. I will work on limiting the description to only the introduction as I shortly summarise the whole body of work.
Description can be avoided through connections with the context and themes of the author and the body of work to establish further insights.

Feedback from Ms Wiseman:

Expectations to improve:
– Focus of the essay should be clear and concentrated, not just a list of things
– Avoidance of description

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