Knit-A-Square is a focus group at UWCSEA. We work with the an NGO based in South Africa, called Knit A Square:

“Knit-a-square is a much loved, world-wide community of compassionate crafters who address this massive humanitarian crisis, one square at a time. One hat or cuddly toy at a time. One beautiful, hand-made blanket at a time.

Every time a compassionate crafter makes a loop to cast on, or start to crochet, or loom, they are thinking about these children. They are directing their focus toward this issue. When they pack and post their squares and hats, they send them with love and hope for the children’s future.

When the parcels arrive in South Africa, they are opened, sorted and bundled with gratitude and joy. When the grandmothers sew the squares together to make beautiful blankets, their role in caring for the children is acknowledged.

When the volunteers search the informal settlements for small crèches (daycare centres) where these small children are cared for during the day, they carry with them the knowledge that a worldwide community cares.

When they wrap the children in the warmth of your work – your blankets, hats and hand-warmers – and place a handmade toy in their arms, they do it on behalf of you, and with your love.”

In short, it is an NGO that rely on squares volunteers knit and sew them into blankets for children affected by HIV or AIDS in South Africa.

Our focus group meets weekly to dicuss ways of raising awareness and knitting squares. We are going to organise a Knitathon in December when we will introduce Knit-A-Square to those who do not know anything about. On top of that, we are going to offer free knitting lessons to encourage people to knit squares for our NGO. We are aiming to send off as many squares as we can knit in  by April next year.

For more information about the NGO, Knit A Square, please click this link.

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