My IGCSE Journey

This is my Grade 9 and 10 journeys, it includes my goals, challenges and how I will overcome these things. I definitely think that getting to the place I want to be in will be difficult but hopefully, I will be able to stay determined and work hard to achieve the things that matter most to me. In this journey, I have also included some of my challenges on the side of the road because I feel that although the challenges will be hard to overcome, I think that they will not stop me from reaching any of my goals. I hope that I can continue to stay determined and work hard to achieve my goals and to overcome the challenges that may come with it. I am fully aware that high school comes with many hardships but I know that I will always be committed to trying my best no matter what the situation may be.

2 thoughts on “My Grade 9 and 10 Journey

  1. I really liked seeing what you thought to be the challenges and highlights of your grade 9 and 10 journey. I would have to agree with most of them as I can relate to them and definitely agree with your solutions to these challenges as I think it is extremely important to always try to work out difficulties and not give up. I hope that you can stay determined throughout these two years and overcome your challenges and always try your best!

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