First Mentor Conversation

The mentor conversation I had was very insightful and important for me because it helped me realise what I had to work on for following terms and what I should continue to strive for, for the rest of high school. I think that I learned just how detrimental getting stressed over tests were and how peer pressure should not be so significant in my life. The main goal that I set for myself was to be in a more peaceful mindset and to not compare myself with others when receiving test results or taking a test because each individual is different.I’m also aware that tests and exams will get much harder and more serious as high school goes on so if I stress now, I’m setting myself up to be more vulnerable and unconfident before these tests. Realising this did help me become more motivated to try and work for not getting stressed or for doing my best but also giving myself time off.

I learned a lot about how test results can’t be changed or modified after the test and so there is no point in stressing or talking to friends about results after. I also learned that we don’t always have to be perfect and it’s ok to sometimes just practise some self-care and not overly study or practise for a test. My mentor really helped to understand this and set smart goals with smart solutions for me to try and overcome my challenges and hopefully become more confident in myself.

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