I think that I’ve been doing well for my healthy living and have been quite consistent in exercising and eating food that is good for me and having a balanced diet.

Although I don’t do a specialised sport, I think that the gym workouts are very effective in helping to improve my stamina and speed while running. I have been running on the treadmill at the gym continuously at high speeds.This is contributing to my overall fitness levels and I find that I’ve had better cardiovascular health and I’m able to regulate my breathing more effectively now. I also feel like by doing more regular workouts, I’ve

been able to set a schedule for myself and I feel myself improving day to day. I feel like I’m able to run for longer distances for longer times than when I first started two months ago, and I do feel some muscle getting built on my thighs. In the beginning, I ran 5km but now I run 6.25km to 6.5km. I’ve learned a lot more about my body and its capabilities, as well as how hard I can push myself to keep on improving. Indirectly, through my workouts, I’ve been able to find out a side of myself that was resilient and show my perseverance.  Some next steps for me could include trying to incorporate more cardio into my workout and possibly include some weights to boost my muscular endurance.

For my eating habits. I’ve been able to adopt a consistently balanced meal schedule. Although I do still treat myself and make cakes at times, I also see that along with that, I am eating very healthy in the weekends to make up for some of that. I also make sure that when I make cakes, I’m making them the healthiest way possible so for example in this crepe cake I only used 50g of sugar and reduced the toppings on the top to get rid of some excess sugar.  I’ve adopted a schedule to eat a salad on Saturday morning every week and by doing this, I think that I’m balancing out some of the unhealthy food that I’ve been eating through the week. I think that becoming more conscious of the food I eat has had a direct impact on my mood, and my fitness levels, and my complexion. By reducing some of the oily foods, I’ve gotten clearer skin and by reducing some caffeine, I have reduced some of my mood swings. Some next steps for me include creating a detoxing day or drinking lemon water in the mornings to aid my digestion and clear my body at times.

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