Week 1:

I began working out with longer running distances than previously at the beginning of this month as I really wanted to significantly improve my stamina more than I have before. I ran for 5.1km for about 40 minutes and burnt 300 calories in this workout. It was very tough but very effective for me to work on areas with more intensity than I had before.

Time: 40 Minutes

In this workout that I did on the next day of the first one, I did the same sort of workout with the same steps to see if this workout was truly best for my body and for me to get a good workout to improve on my stamina. I think that it was very effective and I was even able to work harder and run longer this time.

Time: 40 Minutes

Because I had been working out very often this week, I decided to take it slow this week and work on just my uphill walking which was quite calming and different from my usual intense workouts. I found it quite peaceful and good for me to work on my stamina and also get a good workout in.

Time: 35 Minutes

Week 4:

This week, I had realised I hadn’t exercised in a while and so decided to go on a brisk walk on the treadmill. It was actually a lot more tiring than I expected as I had put the incline on 7 to get myself prepped and ready for the steep mountain hiking I would be doing in Bhutan. I decided to go for a long distance and really challenge myself and saw that I had made great progress from when I first started fitness activities at the start of the year. It was a really effective workout that worked on my stamina. 

Time: 50 Minutes

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