Reflection on PSE

This week in mentor time, we were learning about gender identity and the various forms of this. We studied multiple different articles and studied the relevancy of the article and the purpose of it. By doing this, I believe I was learning about how people can be different but how to accept that into our lives as a form of realising differences. It was quite interesting for me to see just how much segregation of LGBTQ still exists in modern day society. This is because I’ve always thought that LGBTQ+ has gained so much more acceptance in our world and society, but this proves just how much our world may still be adjusting to changes. It also helped me realise how, being a UWC student, I should try and advocate for this acceptance and make these people feel accepted into our society wholesomely.

Recently, I have also been studying about this for my English Featured article so it was very interesting and intriguing just how much mentor time connects with all my other subject. It also taught me how much mentor time allows me to grow as a person and learn more about the world I am living in.

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