Week 3:

Today, I had just come back from Bhutan so I decided to take it easy and just do an uphill walk like I was used to from Bhutan and it was interesting and surprising just how easy it was for me after coming back. I think I got more fit from the trip and I’m able to walk for longer distances uphill now than I ever have before. I walked for 5km and burnt 400 calories for 45 minutes. I think this was good for me and I was very happy with my progress.

Time: 45 Minutes

Today for my workout, I did the same uphill walking but challenged myself by walking at a higher incline and a little faster. I also tried to set myself goals and walk to a certain amount of time and calories. I think further working on what I had started in Bhutan, I was able to improve my fitness levels from then. I walked for 5.12km in 48 minutes for 400 calories.
Time: 48 Minutes

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