“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”

– Tim Fargo

I’ve never really known what I want to be, my aspirations or what I want to make of my life. However, there are some things that I have always believed in and continuously work towards. One of these things are related to the quote above, I’ve always believed that working hard and giving your all to every day is important to set the base for your future. This was even one of my goals for the year which I think I am able to continuously work on every day. Though I still do not truly know what I want to be or my life goals, I feel like by having the determination and working hard, I am working towards success. Through my enjoyment in learning about business and economics, I have gained interest in pursuing a profession in relation to these subjects and hospitality.


This year, through the subject of Economics, I have learned about the deep complexities of not just the market and economy, but also about life itself. The world of economics is so interconnected with all parts of society and our current world. When I had my first Economics class, I was told: “Economics is not about money, it’s about how the world works.” These words have stuck with me throughout the entirety of the year. It adds meaning to the world we live in and adds structure to what our lives revolve around. Through my conversations with my dad, who also works in finance, I have gained further interest in this industry and the large role it plays in our lives. I would personally like to be part of this world where we shape our futures, not just in the world of business and economy but through all aspects of the world.


Another profession I recently gained interest in was pursuing hospitality. Through my time in many hotels around the world, resorts and wonderful vacations, I understood the importance of hospitality and the love and care that surrounds us when on holiday that adds to the deep feeling of being content. I want to be part of creating that same happiness and serendipity for others around the world and making another person’s day even the slightest bit happier. If I had the power to do so when pursuing hospitality, I believe that it would be something I am deeply interested in. 


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

– Aesop

When asked what I want to be, what kind of impact I want to have, how I envision my future, I have always thought of a career, not human values or emotions but, now after careful reflection of my life up to this point, I think I finally understand how to connect my future dream profession with the type of person I want to be in my future. What I want to be, above anything is kind. I want to spread happiness, joy and serendipity in people’s lives. I want to be the reason why someone’s day is slightly better, why that person was able to feel contentious, even if it’s just for a day, hours or even seconds. It is of utter importance that I stay true to showing acts of kindness and pursue a profession closely related to this.


In the end, I don’t know what I truly want to be, I don’t really know where I will end up or what I will be doing in 10 years time or even 5 years time, but I do know that I want to stay true to my values and continue to work the same way I have for the first 15 years of my life. In the end, my main goal in life, and what I really want to be in the future is happy and content with my life. I want to live a life with no regrets and a life where I spread happiness around with my kindness. If I can achieve nothing but that, I know that I will still feel accomplished with what I have become and who I am. This is something I will want to start focusing on even through next year and the summer. Because in the end, it all means nothing if I am not content with my life.

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