First Week Back in Grade 10

On the first day of grade 10, we began with an enquiry about the question “Why do we as humans discriminate against people that are different from us?” I think this was very interesting to enquire as a class because we were able to see many different perspectives and insights on the same question. What […]


Week 1: To celebrate my dad’s birthday, my sister and I decided to bake a cake and surprise him. Though cakes aren’t the healthiest of foods, over the summer, I was able to understand that life is about a healthy balance and enjoying guilty pleasures once in a while. However, when we did make the […]


Week 1: To begin the month, I decided to try and make a healthy meal for my family as we hadn’t been eating the healthiest and to practise some of the skills that I had learned in Food Tech. To do this, I made a chicken roulade where I was able to get a healthy […]