On the first day of grade 10, we began with an enquiry about the question “Why do we as humans discriminate against people that are different from us?” I think this was very interesting to enquire as a class because we were able to see many different perspectives and insights on the same question. What I noticed through our discussion as we all had a general consensus with the conversation and knew where it was heading.

I think we were able to explore many different topics within that question and further our knowledge of each other and each other’s opinion as well as learn to respect others when they may think of things different from us. I found that through sharing our ideas, we were able to look into the question with a deeper complexity. We talked about the idea of being afraid and that being the predominant reason for why we push people away, as well as the impact that social media has on us and our views and thoughts about minority groups, including the LGBTQ+ community. It was interesting to see how the insights of many different individuals from different background can all unify.

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