Transition Process into G11

I think that this whole process has been a very interesting way for me to reflect on my strengths, weaknesses and interests. Though it has been confusing for me to discover what I would like to do in the future, and think further into what I would like to pursue. The G11 students visit, however, did help me realise the importance of doing subjects I actually enjoy and not only thinking about package deals and what I should do for universities.

I will be spending a lot of time on these subjects and have to put in a lot of effort into so I should be choosing subjects that I would actually want to spend this time on. I also think the alum careers carousel has helped me realise that what I feel like I will pursue in the future isn’t necessarily the end product and my views and thoughts could change along the way.

I have realised that I want to definitely do the subjects I enjoy the most and hope to pursue this in the future. I think the reflection has helped me realise what I should do to further progress my learning in these areas.

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