This whole situation is teaching me a lot about the reality of human nature which is sometimes not very pleasant. For example, I heard a lot about conflicts that have arisen in the situation, people protesting and fighting over certain goods and services. I understand that this situation is very difficult for many people, and I think it has really tested many’s characters. How some people will utilise a situation like this to make profits (for example, by hoarding hand sanitisers and selling them at high prices.) It’s actually very sad to see that in these desperate times, some people are not spreading the human virtues and qualities that we desperately need right now. Through spreading more kindness and empathising, I think the world in this situation will be a better place.

In times like these, what is important is thinking about the We and not the Me, although, it is hard to think in such a way because everyone is swept up in their own lives, it is very necessary that we all think of the community at a whole, instead of just ourselves and how we will be impacted. I think I definitely learned this through the hard way as well because when IGCSE was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, I found myself relieved and slightly happy to have the burden taken away. However, along with that, there was a reason why these exams had to be cancelled and they go far beyond me, they go to the millions of people that have been impacted by this disease and the thousands that have sadly passed away because of it. While I was rejoicing, thousands and millions of people around the world could have been in despair and could still be in this situation. It made me realise that I had no right to think in such a way, of course, I am still relieved that the IGCSEs were cancelled but I don’t wish to express it in a way which may belittle other people’s struggles and sadness.

I think it’s also teaching me a lot about life, and how important the mindset we have can be on our daily lives. When living in fear and not thinking about all the opportunities still available, we can let time pass by meaninglessly. I am very guilty of this at the beginning of the lockdown situation where I personally also wasn’t living each day to the fullest or trying to maximise my productivity. However, these days I have come to start doing things I’ve missed like watching movies with my family or baking and cooking with them, calling my friends to watch Netflix together. It is these simple things that the lockdown has taught me to be more grateful for and to start doing more often to strengthen the bond between myself and my loved ones.

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