First Reflection for CREST Project

I chose to do a project based on how genes can lead to an increased likelihood of committing a crime. My initial interest in this topic came from a documentary I had watched about crime mentality. Relating this to a previous unit I found interesting (hereditary) would be a new outlook that I could explore. My initial approach was researching different medical articles that triggered my interest, and choosing questions based on this, however, I would now like to research the relation to the real world and how these genetics directly impact individual’s lives.

By using a unique format, I plan on creating a short documentary which includes video stimulus like interviews from primary and secondary sources, as well as from peers to add creative depth to the project. My next steps will be researching further into the genes, how they affect behaviour and to what extent. I do anticipate hurdles that I’ll face as this topic is harder to research and may have darker aspects (violent topics like murder.) However, I hope to be flexible and open-minded through my research process, incorporating both news articles, science papers and interviews that I come across to create an effective project!

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  1. This sounds awesome! You’re going to have a tough time simplifying this to a point where people find it easy to understand but choosing the product well might help with this. Lots of diagrams I imagine!!!

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