I joined this local service called cognitive rehabilitation with Apex Harmony Lodge this year. Through the first few weeks of the service, I’ve already learned a lot about our service partners through the investigation process and who


we are targetting (the elderly in Singapore.) I think I also learned a lot about how much of our work is necessary to these communities and what a large impact they can have on those that we work with. It was a very moving session because it taught me to appreciate service more and the opportunities we are given to make a difference in someone’s life. I hope to use the knowledge I gained this week in future sessions with the elderly.

Furthermore, we also started a learning module about the elderly which taught us how we can best support them, what to expect when working with them and how we should behave with them to create an enjoyable experience with them. I learned that proper training is very important before beginning to interact with our service partners because it teaches us what the elderly truly want and seek when we see them. I am glad that we got the opportunity to do this before speaking with them and I really hope to use this knowledge to plan and create activities that would actually be beneficial and enjoyable for them! This was all part of our investigation phase.

This year, I really want to create solidified plans and initiate action and activities that will ensure my time with our service partners are meaningful and that what we are doing as a group is able to have a positive impact for those that we work with. I also would really like to learn more about the needs of the elderly group we work with and establish stronger connections and relationships with each and every one of them. I really want to be adaptable to challenges we may face with the remote sessions, and plan well to ensure that we are making the most of our time every week.

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