CultuRama Audition Video:

I decided to audition for Japan in CultuRama this year because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn a new style of dancing. I’m not a natural dancer so I know that this will be difficult for me initially but I really hope that through this time, I can learn a new skill and hopefully work with others to improve my dancing capabilities.

Through this experience, I also intend to learn more about Japanese culture (my own culture) and try and get more out of my comfort zone, challenge myself and hopefully produce a wonderful performance. I know that at times the rehearsals may get busier and harder to keep up with, especially with the flow of homework and assignments bound to come. However, I hope to preserve and manage my time more effectively to cope with this, while trying to spend more time doing creative dancing and also trying to exercise through these rehearsals. I hope that as a group, we can also create strong relationships with one another so we can help each other to create a great performance and use our teamwork to ensure the final performance looks polished and synchronised.

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