This year, in Student Council, we have started by collecting student input on social distancing policies, organising the UWC day and working towards improving our OLP page to ensure we can get more frequent feedback from students. As the communications officer, I have started creating posters for UWC day and for the canteen, to ensure people put plates and dishes back in their respective areas.

I’m also planning on running for Student Council again this year, for the 3rd year because I really have some huge goals in mind for how I want to improve the school, while also considering ethical implications of the work that we do as a council. I want to use my previous experience in this activity to reflect upon the strengths that I had the last 2 years and ways in which I can improve from the work that I was doing then. I think some of my strengths in the past years was definitely a dedication to the group and effective communication skills which allowed my message to be better communicated to the student body. I would like to continue to work on these while also considering areas of improvement, such as organisation within the group and establishing these structures to better advocate for student opinions.

While doing all of this, I also want to consider the ethical implications of our actions, and how different groups within our school may react to the changes we choose to make. When representing the student opinions and voices, I would really like to consider the ethics behind some of these decisions and if this action would impact anyone in a negative way. Through this experience and my participation in this activity, I really hope to become more principled and considerate, especially when making decisions that will impact the entire student body.

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