When thinking of success, it is often defined materialistically with wealth and a high paying job. Though I have previously been guilty of defining success in a similar way, I have realised that success can be defined very differently and can be very different for different people. Some people may define it simply as having a stable career and finances with key achievements in life, while others may define it solely based on happiness and life experience. Though finances would play a part in determining my future stability, I believe that success to me personally, is being happy and feeling fulfilled, both in relationships and career-wise. I do believe for that to happen I would need a mix of both a stable job in which I enjoy doing, as well as finding happiness through my experiences and relationships. It would mean experiencing things in life that I’ve always wanted to try, acquiring new skills, and putting these to practice, while also enjoying the simpler aspects of my life that are equally as important as friendships.

I now, realize that a healthy definition of the word ‘success’ would not be just related to acquiring wealth, but also feeling peace and joy in everyday life. I think to gain this sense of success, it would be great for the school to support us by helping us firstly redefine the word and its connotation in society, as well as helping lift some of the pressure we feel as young people soon entering working society. The school can also be helpful by assisting us with decisions about our future, and how to make the most of our school life while also considering life beyond school.

I personally, don’t know what the future will hold or have a defined plan of what I want it to look like, but I hope that I will be successful in my own defined definition of success, in which I will be able to hold a career which I enjoy and have healthy sustaining relationships with others. Though I’m not entirely sure what this career model might be, I do sincerely hope that I am enjoying my daily life in the future, while finding joy in the simple everyday things.

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