I decided to participate in Kahaani this year because I wanted to try a new form of dancing, and challenge myself to dance even though it’s never been a strength of mine. This is a video of my first rehearsal. I hope this experience will teach me how I can collaborate with others to better my own dancing skills and any areas I am unclear about. Through this experience, I not only want to learn how to dance the unique cultural dances, but also learn more about Indian culture and where these dances originated from, and the deeper meaning behind the movies the songs come from. I want to really work with others to create a performance we can all be proud of and looks cohesive. I know that this is going to be another time commitment for me, but I have chosen to time manage myself more effectively to ensure I can enjoy these experiences, while also keeping up with the IB curriculum. This year, I hope to not only challenge myself but challenge others and create strong relationships with one another so we can help each other to create a greater performance!

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