The ‘Advertisement’ written by Wislawa Szymborska that presents the view of drugs taking over human thought, emotions, and eventually human soul. In my analysis, I focus on how the use of personification, metaphor, and tone specifically emphasizes this and highlights the power and control drugs can have. Something I think I did well in my analysis is focusing on the ‘So what?’ aspect, where I delve deep into why this can have particular significance and the effect it has on the reader. However, one thing I did realize is that, because I tended to focus on imagery, tone, and allusions, I didn’t really mention much about poetic structure techniques like caesuras, end-stops, and enjambment. To make this analysis more effective, I would like to make sure to include these techniques when analyzing and ensure that I’m including it in relation to the main techniques I see.

Another thing I noticed is that I didn’t annotate the poetry much even though I had read it several times, instead, I went straight into writing up my response. I think that this meant my analysis wasn’t as meaningful as it could have been and lacked some of the techniques I mentioned above that would have made my analysis more solid.

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