The result of my personality test has revealed that I have enterprising, conventional, and investigative elements in my personality test. I think this has been the same elements I have chosen for myself to be the most prominent in my character and personality. I definitely agree with some of the careers that were presented that seemed like a good fit, like business continuity managers, financial managers, marketing, and law. However, some I definitely did not agree with is being insurance underwriters or survey researchers. I think essentially this test was all about opening my horizons and showing me that there are more options in the world than the ones we usually are quickly drawn to and it’s good to keep your options open. On the right is just a few examples of the professions that could fit my personality.

Some famous people that I think have a similar personality type is Eleanor Roosevelt (who was the former First Lady of the United States), Carrie Fisher and Taylor Swift. I think all these people have many strengths in their character of how they’re very committed to their work, advocating for what they feel is right and what positive messages they would like to spread with their influence. I think they’re very strong characters that have large goals and are not afraid to go against what other people may think, in an attempt to make changes they want to see in the world. For example, Eleanor Roosevelt advocated highly for expanding the role of women in the workplace and African-American rights. Though there were many people in support of these movements, at the time, it must have also been highly controversial. However, she was not afraid to continue working towards these goals and advocating for the rights of all regardless of what others may have thought.

Some weaknesses I think they have is that because they’re so focused on their goals, they may forget to look at other things beyond them and other important factors. I think having a balance is something I want to focus on, having the same personality type.  This may impact future relationships and friendships because I would probably be really focused on moving my career forward or working towards a goal I have that I may tend to neglect these more important relationships with others. I think to prevent this from happening, I need to realise what’s most important for me, but I hope that once I do this, I can learn to maintain relationships while having a real drive in the workplace.

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