I think the idea of not being too descriptive and using action words is something that really stuck for me. Going forward, I would really like to emphasize the action that I have taken within my activities, clubs and school life. I also hope to make sure that I engage in the resume properly by writing down my strengths and essentially selling why I would be good for the work to be done.

For a potential job: Digital Sales and Marketing Associate – Citibank Singapore Limited

Reporting to the Digital Sales and Marketing Lead, Singapore, the trainee will be part of the digital acquisition team and will assist in managing and executing effective campaigns for consumer banking products & services. He/she needs to be able to multi-task and effectively manage their campaigns to meet deadlines while operating under the necessary regulatory controls. He/she should be able to demonstrate strong communication and analytical skills.

Job Description: 

Trainee to be involved in:

1. Project managing communications campaigns, including timeline and budget management, pre-live setup, stakeholder management and agency engagement – When creating campaigns in Student Council

2. Campaign analysis and optimisation – When planning meetings for Local Service

3. post-campaign analysis – Analysing after a specific campaign the Student Council has run to see whether we were able to finish the task

4. On-going finance management

5. Managing internal project trackers

Technical Skills and Competencies:

Business Skills

– Develop an understanding of the products and services under Consumer Banking and related processes

– Understand consumer demographics, behaviours and driving brand/product preference resulting in nett new acquisitions

Marketing Skills

– Execute and manage digital marketing campaigns

– Optimising paid channels for digital marketing campaigns

– Leverage analytics tools to drive decision-making across customer segmentation

– Be result-oriented

Character and Values Skills:

Strong Communication and Analytical skills – my holland code shows that my analytical skills are the strongest out of my character, I personally really like analysing situations; especially financial ones by keeping my own financial logbook where I monitor my finances.

I have received the NYAA award at a silver level and am currently working towards the gold level.

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