June 10, 2020

Final Reflection of CREST Project

Throughout this CREST project, I have learnt so much from my process about the world around me through my topic. It has unimaginably educated me so much about a topic I didn’t know much about previously but was definitely interested in. My question of exploration throughout the project was ‘Can genes really lead to an […]

CREST Project Outline

How has your thinking on this project been influenced by other people? I had never previously thought that my project could cause social exclusion to individuals that may possess these genes but are not seen to be violent or have a past record with crime but because of Parvathy’s comment, I was able to understand […]


STEM Mood Board – Future of Crime

Science Connections with Crime: Forensics and the use of DNA found at past crime scenes to solve modern crimes The Carbon Footprint of Crime Vaping and Unhealthy Practises relation to crime – through psychological factors Untruthful confessions analysed Weather correlation to crime rates High fear of crime leading to depression Law Enforcement Robotics Fingerprint Unlocking […]