First Week Back in Grade 10

On the first day of grade 10, we began with an enquiry about the question “Why do we as humans discriminate against people that are different from us?” I think this was very interesting to enquire as a class because we were able to see many different perspectives and insights on the same question. What […]

Reflection on PSE

This week in mentor time, we were learning about gender identity and the various forms of this. We studied multiple different articles and studied the relevancy of the article and the purpose of it. By doing this, I believe I was learning about how people can be different but how to accept that into our […]

First Mentor Conversation

The mentor conversation I had was very insightful and important for me because it helped me realise what I had to work on for following terms and what I should continue to strive for, for the rest of high school. I think that I learned just how detrimental getting stressed over tests were and how […]