I have learnt Chinese Calligraphy for 8 years before joining Chinese Calligraphy club last term. I want to practice my writing every week so that I would not forget the writing skills I have obtained earlier. At the start of the term, a supervisor handed us few brush copybooks. I was a little disappointed that there is no professional teacher teaching us. So I practiced Regular script and Clerical script on my own over the term. For me, practicing Chinese calligraphy is a way to stay focus and maintain a sense of inner peace. I also taught other students how to write as they are all beginners. For example, I taught a group of people the correct way of holding a brush while writing. More importantly, I learnt to appreciate the power of Chinese character and acknowledged the fact that each Chinese character has a special origin and history. In Chinese calligraphy club, I was surprised to see that there are not only Chinese students but also students from other countries and other cultural backgrounds. I was very proud and glad to see that more students became interested in and amazed by the sophistication of Chinese culture with practicing and understanding Chinese calligraphy. I would also assist them in writing and learning Chinese character when they need my help. Overall, I really enjoy practicing Chinese Calligraphy every Thursday.

LO 1 AWARENESS (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)


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