LAYER FOUR: how language includes or excludes; represents or misrepresents. (Fry’s Planet Word)

LANGUAGE: the base of communication, as well as miscommunication. When you hear someone speak a language, that you know of, which isn’t the majority of what is spoken in whatever situation you’re in, you automatically feel a connection, even if the other person doesn’t feel it, yet. Contrarily, if you hear something foreign to you, even if it’s what’s most commonly spoken around you, you feel left out, excluded.

There were points aforementioned in the video where examples of traditions, simple commands, or jokes in conversations would not be able to be conveyed exactly, even through simple translation. In such situations, you see where you stand, whether you’re included or excluded in said conversations, maybe you understand it, but don’t understand because you’re not native. In any event, one shouldn’t worry too much because you probably have some “inside jokes” yourself. The Basque language is one of both inclusive and exclusive because it seems to be in between the French and the Spanish language with it’s own words as well.

Any and all languages you speak can represent who you are, the things you understand, or maybe the realities you present. Cities and cultures are tied to a language and sometimes the people who speak it. In many cases, however, language, whether your own or others, can misrepresent. Such ties can deceive your perceptions as in a world of transcendency to one of 100 years before, and many of the people who may “look” untied to one culture may be shoulder deep in it.

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One thought on “LAYER FOUR: how language includes or excludes; represents or misrepresents. (Fry’s Planet Word)

  1. I really like how you described how people feel about not understanding someone else, just because of the language they speak. You made it easy for me to connect to this topic, and really understand what you are trying to portray. You also included how something that is so basic in our daily life like the jokes we make can be so hard to understand for someone else, even if someone translates it for them, because they aren’t able to think in the same way as you as the use of words are so different. Good job with concluding this topic too! Very clear and easy to understand!

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