English short stories


It would be challenging for those who hadn’t read many short or shortest stories yet and me at first, it would be hard to express oneself in a mere six words. There’s so many things we want to say but not a lot at the same time.


As we float, we sink further. -Jack

This could be interpreted in the sense of success over failure or gaining over losing. I think of it as what one had to sacrifice to become where the person is today. A simple example could be if you’re in debt and you live a lavish lifestyle and thats the front cover of the book that is you, you seem successful. Yet if you continue this path you lose internally and by anyone else’s concern you’re rich.


Smelled perfume on my husband’s collar, loved the scent, i’ll buy it in the shops next time. #lessismore


 My grandma looked at herself in the mirror, then asked, “Jacob, do you think I look old?” The six year old me then replied, “not old, just ugly.” I didn’t know about karma. Now, taxi drivers tell me, “emm, no can be model,” and, ”are you in sixth grade?”

Dude, I’m in high school.