found footage

I just came in for another day at work, my red apron on, hair up, and sorting out all the new foods that came in last nights shipping, making them nice and tidy. The Boss behind the counter, counting yesterdays earnings. I don’t know his name, strange right? We never seem to talk anyways so it’s all well. The store felt like peace, whatever that means.

And then He comes in.

An old employee, a fired old employee, with company.

Here to cause a scene I see.. I think to myself.

As I suspected, he’d come for his beloved cigarettes. After all, that’s what he was fired for, smoking on the job. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but it wasn’t just one or two breaks, or even three. It was the entire time. Smoking inside the store.

And here he is now.

Here to…

He grabs a box of them from in counter. I had just walked across the store to get more boxes to unpack and now, I’m in the middle of Italy, more like a bystander. One guy senses the tension in the situation in and runs off with some chocolates as the cigarettes are being passed to a third guy behind mr former employee. Grabbing more boxes of cigarettes, he’s in the Boss. The third guy runs off with his box as mr unemployed holds his gaze like a snake charmer then tactically breaks it. The Boss, out of his trance, runs after him before he gets out the store, only to get pushed into the nearest stand as his cigarettes run off. He tries running out after the villains but gives up before the door even has a chance to close. Choosing to take a more reasonable revenge. Boss calls to file in this ruckus.

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