Steve Dawson and his Law of Not SCHMOOZING

I really didn’t know who Steve Dawson was before he showed and so I didn’t expect much. He talked about Interviewing Techniques: 5 maxims for Great Answers and they were explained to a depth in which makes sense. Some of these techniques were obvious enough, but he explained why they were needed and to what extent they could alter an interview. It wasn’t all to meaningful to be completely honest, but it was a helpful guide to being professional.

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2 thoughts on “Steve Dawson and his Law of Not SCHMOOZING

  1. Yes, I didn’t know who Steve Dawson was as well. I disagree with the fact that it was not meaningful I because he told us the ways and types of questions to ask, mostly how and what questions. Also taught us that you can’t have any question that pops into your mind, you have to give questions that give a lot of information.

    1. I disagree with your disagreement due to the fact that that is most informative rather than meaningful. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT

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